Updating a ceiling advice confront him about dating relationship

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Updating a ceiling

I used a much thinner coat on the housing since I didn't want drips -- that Rustoleum is nasty stuff to clean up.

By now the primer coat is dry enough to do the first color coat.

Before we went any further we check to make sure the fan blades were balanced and even calked the crack between the fan and the ceiling that’s been there for 24 years. Finding replacements for the bulb covers for the light fixture wasn’t easy, but we found some that resembled art glass (which we love) that are clear with flecks of white in them.

You'll need to do at least two coats if you are going to a lighter color on your fan blades.I’ve wanted to buy a new ceiling fan since we started our master bedroom remodel.The current fan is probably 20 years old and it shows it; but it’s a good quality fan and it works well so I hate to just dump it because it’s out of style.Since the fan’s been in place for about 2 decades, we had to give it a thorough cleaning. Because we were painting them the same day, we used a heat gun to dry them and dipped them in rubbing alcohol to be sure they were completely dry.I purchased two different cans of spray paint because I wasn’t sure which color we’d finally decide on.

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