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I've followed all of the instructions listed in the following, but nothing works: https://helpx.adobe.com/flash-builder/kb/https://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/multi/When I change the line in my air descriptor mxl file to: I get the following error: I've downloaded the Air SDK from this page: tried using both the main link and the Flex specific SDK only link.Then I installed the Air SDK in /Applications/Adobe Flash Builder 4.7/eclipse/plugins/com.adobe.flash.compiler_4.7.0.349722 Also, I used the Apache Flex SDK installer to get the latest flex SDK to be used with Air SDK 18.I want to highlight an effort from Anton Azarov called the Manage Adobe AIR SDK plugin.

There will be some files that you have to overwrite in order to get the latest version.4.Adobe AIR features include AIR project creation and Export Release Build in AIR format.Note: Flexbuilder 3.0.2 updates this support to AIR 1.5. Since Adobe doesn’t seem interested in updating Flash Builder 4.7 (even though it remains part of the core Creative Cloud offering) – it falls to the community to build upon and extend what many consider a pretty solid IDE for Flash Player and AIR developers. has nothing of the sort and requires a rather obscure workflow to achieve an update of the built in SDK.

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Productivity enhancements – Flex Builder 3 introduces refactoring support, new profilers for performance and memory tuning, and code generation tools for data access.

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